Pressure Washing vs. Soft Wash

Having a hard time figuring out which type of Exterior Cleaning you need? This short blog will fill you in on key points you should know when determining if your Outer Banks or Currituck property needs to be Pressure Washed or Soft Washed.
Soft Washing is a low-pressure cleaning system used to remove algae, mold, dirt & debris from most manufactured surfaces. Here is a list of things we recommend being soft washed rather than pressure washed. As pressure washing could cause costly damages to these areas.
• Vinyl Siding or Railings
• Cedar Shake Homes
• Stucco Exteriors
• Outdoor furniture
• Manufactured Decking such as Trex, Composite or Fiberglass Decking
• Painted or Stained Decks or Siding
• Roofs
We can tackle tough build up with low pressure due to the surfactant we use. Basically, letting the surfactant do the work for us. All while maintaining a low pressure streamline to ensure your delicate surfaces will not receive any damage.
Pressure Washing is used on structures that can withstand a higher psi or pressure per square inch. One of the biggest pros to pressure washing is how effective it is at eliminating set in algae, dirt, and mold. Pressure washing is typically used when cleaning concrete and bare wood. Another reason we may use the pressure washing method is to remove existing paint from a wooden structure. Pressure Washing essentially allows us to provide a deeper clean. With Carolina Pro Clean behind the pressure washer, we can guarantee that this method of exterior cleaning will not damage the existing structure rather bring them back to life.
Brightening all the exterior surfaces of your home is an essential part of maintaining your home. Carolina Pro Clean’s expert team of trained technicians are ready to help you create a custom cleaning plan that’s right for your home’s surfaces.