Roof Cleaning Service and Maintenance in Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills, & Nags Head, NC

Outer Banks Roof Care: Unbeatable Maintenance and Roof Cleaning Services

Your home’s roof shelters you from rain, wind, and the rest of the elements. Without proper care, your roof can get dirty, damaged, and worn down. Through regular roof cleaning and maintenance, you can keep your roof in top shape and protect your home. Instead of neglecting your roof, take action to get it the professional care it deserves.

As your North Carolina property ages, your roofing can begin to lose its color, or even become damaged after withstanding years of Atlantic Coastal weather. Homeowners can try to DIY pressure wash their home using a quality power washer, specialized tips, detergents, sodium hypochlorite solutions, and find the appropriate PSI for each surface to remove any dirt, stains, mold, and mildew, but that can cost much more time, money and energy than anticipated. So, what is the answer? The answer is to enlist the help of the experts.

Carolina Pro Clean and our expert team of roof cleaners have the skills and experience required to get the very best out of your roof cleaning or maintenance job, achieving excellent results for your residential or commercial property on the Outer Banks. Our property maintenance and cleaning contractors offer pressure washing to remove any oil, grease, rust stains, mildew, and accumulated dirt from all types of surfaces, including vinyl siding, stucco, and concrete to restore curb appeal.

Speak to our roof cleaning team to find out more, or fill out the form towards the bottom of this page to request an estimate, completely free of charge.

How We Can Make Your Roof Shine in Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills, & Nags Head, NC

Just as no two properties are the same, no two clients come to us with the same needs. Because of this, we have developed a flexible and adaptable array of different home exterior cleaning services designed to meet the diverse needs of the local market.

  • ‘Like new’ coloration – It is only natural that your beloved roof is going to lose its pretty colors over time. However, this does not mean that you have to accept this. Roof cleaning companies like Carolina Pro Clean have the resources required to achieve that ‘like new’ coloration, all over again.
  • Effective algae, mold, and moss removal – Thanks to the climate of the Outer Banks and nearby areas of NC, and to their position on the Atlantic Coast, mold, mosses, and lichens can cause huge problems to properties in the area. If you are starting to see black streaks on your roof, it is time for preventative maintenance. Our roof maintenance services provide effective removal for these potentially damaging organisms.
  • A complete service – Few other roof cleaning contractors can offer you the complete service that we can. If you need home exterior cleaning services for exterior walls, we can provide them. If you need roof and gutter cleaning services, we are happy to oblige. If you need softer cleaning for exterior furniture, this is no problem. Speak to us today and get a quote.
  • Soft cleaning for the materials that need it – Not every material can withstand a hard, pressure-washed approach. When you work with Carolina Pro Clean, you are working with a roof cleaning company that understands the risks of high-pressure washing. This is why we offer soft cleaning options, keeping your home protected in the right way.
  • Comprehensive warranties – We provide cleaning of asphalt shingle roofing and cedar roofing. Our cedar roof cleaning process is essentially low-pressure cleaning with natural-based cleaners to restore your cedar roof and siding to almost new conditions. All roof cleaning services are backed by our exclusive money-back guarantee. If you are looking for the best service possible you need to give our professional roof cleaners a call today. You don’t have to look at those streaks on your roof anymore! We offer a 1-year streak-free guarantee on all complete roof washes.
  • Service plans for long-term peace of mind – We want to provide you with solutions you can rely on today, tomorrow, and beyond. This is why we provide roof cleaning service plans to help your roof stay clean for longer.
  • Free of charge, free from obligation estimate – Ready to get started? The first thing is to tell us what you need. Lower on this page, you will find the estimate form, where you can describe the problem with your roof, and the cleaning job you need.

Give us as much detail as you can, and provide us with pictures if possible. This helps our roof cleaning team give you an accurate estimate for your roof cleaning job. Our Outer Banks residential pressure washing services are here to clean roofs of damaging mold and algae growth, clear clogged gutters, restore decks, and remove stains from driveways and walkways. 

We also understand that some roofs in the Nags Head, Kill Devil Hills, Corolla, Duck and surrounding OBX areas are more delicate than others, which is why we offer soft washing roof cleaning services. This option allows us to use a blend of chemicals with low-pressure power washing to clean a roof without damaging it.

The Roof Cleaning Service in Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills, Nags Head, NC That You Deserve

Our pressure washing technicians inspect surfaces, determine the safest cleaning methods, use proprietary cleaning products, and employ the use of powerful commercial pressure washers to deeply clean roofs, restore stained decks, and revitalize the exterior of homes and businesses. You can also find our roof washing team rinsing surfaces after pressure washing to remove any cleaning product residue, preventing damage and ensuring the exterior dries properly.

When you are looking for professional power washing services that use industrial strength pressure washers, soft water pressure, and environmentally, friendly cleaning solutions, contact our Outer Banks location today. We can offer you the services you need to remove stains, mold, mildew, and debris from roofs, gutters, sidings, walkways, driveways, and more.