Soft Washing Services in Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills, Nags Head, NC and all of the Outer Banks

Soft Wash is a form of exterior cleaning that uses low pressure to remove algae, mold, dirt and or debris.

Soft Wash Outer Banks

Carolina Pro Clean’s Soft Washing services will bring your property back to life without causing damages or breaking the bank. Every Outer Banks and Currituck property owner wants to have a home or vacation home they are proud of. It is nearly impossible to be proud of your home’s exterior if your property is discolored with mold or algae. And what about those pesky midge bugs that migrate to the Outer Banks and Currituck during the summer months? They get stuck on your siding attracting spiders and frogs. Eventually you will have a whole eco system on the exterior of your home leaving you overwhelmed and disgusted. When you look at your home you will constantly be reminded of the daunting task that must be completed for you to be happy with your property again. This may leave you stressed or worried about the state of your property. It is a good thing you have Carolina Pro Clean on your side. We can provide you peace of mind with our professional Soft Washing solutions. From roofs to siding to decking to exterior furniture Carolina Pro Clean can dismantle the stresses of a dirty Outer Banks home by washing the unsightly algae, mold, and grime away so that you can be proud of your home again.

Here is a list of things we recommend so be soft washed rather than pressure washed, as pressure washing could cause costly damages to these areas. If you’re in Corolla, Duck, Southern Shores or Kill Devill Hills and have questions about soft washing, contact us today.

  • Vinyl Siding or Railings
  • Cedar Shake Homes
  • Stucco Exteriors
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Manufactured Decking such as Trex, Composite or Fiberglass Decking
  • Painted or Stained Decks or Siding
  • Roofs
  • Screens

Trust Us With Our Soft Washing Services in Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills, and Nags Head, NC

We can tackle tough build up with low pressure due to the surfactant we use. Basically, letting the surfactant do most of the work for us. All while maintaining a low pressure streamline to ensure your delicate surfaces will not receive any damage.  Cleaning the exterior of your home or business is a large job to tackle alone. You could easily spend an entire week trying to tidy up the exterior of your Outer Banks home or business. Throw in some bad weather and the relentless summer sun and you could have a recipe for frustration. When frustration hits that’s when mistakes are made, which means bad news for you, your exterior, and your wallet. Take a break and let the professionals at Carolina Pro Clean tackle your exterior cleaning and detailing needs. We pride ourselves on being perfectionists, and we offer a wide range of services including Roof Washes, House Wash, Window Cleaning & Gutter cleaning; the list goes on.  We even offer light washes such as Quick Window Washes or Bug Wash for those intermittent cleans needed to insure your property is clean year around. By using these intermittent cleaning service, you can guarantee you will never loose pride in your Outer Bank or Currituck home. If you have Carolina Pro Clean on your side, you will have peace of mind that your property will be envied throughout your Outer Banks or Currituck neighborhood.